Nations League Live Streams

  --:--:-- (Europe/Berlin)
Nations League Malta
Tu 20/11
4' 1-1 Corbalan
Nations League Montenegro
Tu 20/11
44' 0-1 Ţucudean
Nations League Kosovo
Tu 20/11
76' 4-0 Zeneli
Nations League Serbia
Tu 20/11
74' 4-1 Ljajić
Nations League Scotland
Tu 20/11
75' 3-2 Zahavi
Nations League Portugal
Tu 20/11
66' 1-1 Milik (11m)
Nations League Sweden
Tu 20/11
72' 2-0 Berg
Nations League Germany
Mo 19/11
90' 2-2 Van Dijk
Nations League Macedonia FYR
Mo 19/11
90' 4-0 Trajkovski
Nations League Czech Rep
Mo 19/11
32' 1-0 Schick
Nations League Liechtenstein
Mo 19/11
85' 2-2 Karapetyan
Nations League Bulgaria
Mo 19/11
75' 1-1 Zajc
Nations League Cyprus
Mo 19/11
48' 0-2 Kamara
Nations League Georgia
Mo 19/11
90' 2-1 Omirtayev
Nations League Andorra
Mo 19/11
Nations League Switzerland
Su 18/11
84' 5-2 Seferović
Nations League Hungary
Su 18/11
37' 2-0 Á. Nagy
Nations League Greece
Su 18/11
44' 0-1 Sappinen
Nations League N. Ireland
Su 18/11
90' 1-2 Lazaro
Nations League San Marino
Su 18/11
52' 0-2 Saroka
Nations League Moldova
Su 18/11
70' 1-1 Bensi
Nations League England
Su 18/11
86' 2-1 Kane
Nations League Italy
Sa 17/11

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