Friendly matches Live Streams

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Friendly matches FK Sindjelić
Tu 17/10
80' 0-6
Friendly matches FC Pune City
Mo 16/10
72' 5-0 (11m)
Stadion Miejski im. Floriana Krygiera Szczecin
Th 12/10
76' 2-1 Patryk Jakubowski
Estadio Nuevo Lasesarre Barakaldo
We 11/10
90' 2-2 Unai Bilbao (OG)
BRITA-Arena Wiesbaden
Tu 10/10
88' 6-3 Mvibudulu
Stadion Letzigrund Zürich
Tu 10/10
82' 2-0 Suarez
Stadion Letzigrund Zürich
Tu 10/10
Philips Stadion Eindhoven
Mo 09/10
Friendly matches Politehnica Iasi
Mo 09/10
89' 2-1
Gipedo Acharnaikou Athína (Athens)
Mo 09/10
Arena Khimki Khimki
Mo 09/10
26' 1-0 Vitinho (11m)
Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium ad-Dōha (Doha)
Su 08/10
81' 1-2 Boualem Khoukhi
5 Ocak Stadyumu Adana
Su 08/10
90' 0-3 Hakan Bilgiç
Stadion Tulazheldormash Tula
Su 08/10
Stadion Georgi Asparuhov Sofia
Su 08/10
18' 1-0 Belmonte
Stadionul Dr. Constantin Rădulescu Cluj-Napoca
Su 08/10
74' 2-1 Maragoudakis
Friendly matches AO Trikala
Su 08/10
75' 3-0 Bountopoulos
Stadio Harilaou Kleánthis Vikelídis Thessaloníki
Su 08/10
70' 1-0 Dounis
Friendly matches Anagennisi Karditsa
Su 08/10
58' 1-0 Chantzaras
Bursa Atatürk Stadyumu Bursa
Su 08/10
90' 1-1 Ishak Çakmak (11m)
Balıkesir Atatürk Stadyumu Balıkesir
Su 08/10
76' 2-0 Oguzhan Capar
Stadion Vorskla im. Oleksiya Butov'skogo Poltava
Su 08/10
75' 2-3
Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld Jena
Su 08/10
90' 2-1
Friendly matches Səbail FK
Su 08/10
65' 1-1

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