Friendly matches PKNS FC
Strømmen Stadion Strømmen
Södertälje Fotbollsarena Södertälje
Sa 25/03
Friendly matches PPSM Magelang
Friendly matches Madura United FC
Stadion Piast Gliwice
82' 3-3
Friendly matches Jong Heracles
81' 4-2 Goal
Stadyen Spartak Bobrujsk (Bobruisk)
83' 2-1
Friendly matches KIF Örebro (W)
72' 0-1
Friendly matches IK Grand Bodo (W)
76' 1-1
Stadion am Zoo Wuppertal
77' 2-3 Schmetz
Panoramastadion Remchingen
85' 6-2 Brenner
Nou Estadi de Tarragona Tarragona
Dallenberg-Stadion Würzburg
90' 1-3 Uzelac (11m)
Friendly matches PSM Makassar
Mo 27/03
85' 2-0
Friendly matches Arna Bjornar (W)
Mo 27/03
Friendly matches Avaldsnes IL (W)
Mo 27/03
90' 1-1 Goal
Estadio Provincial de Yacuiba Yacuíba
Mo 27/03
45' 0-2 Saavedra
Stadion Zvezda Perm'
Mo 27/03
89' 4-0 Salugin
Estadio Jesús Bermúdez Oruro
Su 26/03
88' 0-8 Marco León
Akalla Gårds Bollplan Kista
Su 26/03
90' 3-1
Estadio Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Cusco
Su 26/03
5' 1-0 Soto
Stadions Arkādija artificial Rīga (Riga)
Su 26/03
63' 1-0 Goal
Stadion Hohe Warte Wien
Su 26/03
77' 0-4 Szántó

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